General Questions

Where can I buy FlowReporter? Is it a one-time payment

FlowReporter is a subscription based service. Please contact us if you are unsure which product to get.

Who can use FlowReporter

Anyone can use FlowReporter! The user interface is intuitive and very easy to use.

Even if you don’t use the graphs or ever login to the online app again, our algorithms will constantly be at work in the background to make sure you only get notified if there is a problem.

The user who first configures the FlowReporter device will be named the “owner”. However, they may also grant other users access to it. They may limit other user’s permissions such as setting the valve or adding more users under “settings”.

How does FlowReporter know when to send alerts or turn the water off

You can set customisable thresholds for time and volume of water expected, at any time within the online app. If FlowReporter finds your water consumption has exceeded any of the threshold levels, you will get a warning. If the consumption persists without intervention, then a second threshold exists which will automatically turn the valve off. You can adjust the thresholds as often as you’d like until they suit your individual needs.
A learning mode can be used after one month of normal usage, which can assist in setting more detailed thresholds.


What details do I need to provide in order to use FlowReporter

You will only need to provide your email, in order to log in and receive any alerts from FlowReporter. You may also add your mobile number in order to receive text alerts.

Am I able to prevent FlowReporter from automatically shutting off the water supply?

FlowReporter will alert you twice after a large amount of water has be used, either via email or text.

In the first alert, you are able to respond and confirm normal usage to prevent the water supply from being shut off for that event.

If you do not respond, the second alert (some time later) will notify you that the water supply has been turned off to prevent water damage.

You can also disable the valve completely under “settings”.